Studpantsfor spraying cats

Studpants can be a solution for the whole male that lives most of the day in a seperate residence, but likes to spend some time with you and the rest of the cats. Studpants are suitable to wear for several hours, not all day long.
Studpants in the spotlight

In petstores small pants for dogs are available, but most of the times they are made of inconveniant material for cats. At this page you can find links to sellers of design studpants in the Netherlands and Germany.

After we made the decision to keep a studcat for ourselves but did not want to house him 24/7 in a seperate residence, we soon found out that we needed a complete wardrobe of studpants. Moby started spraying at the age of 6 months.
Because he lived most of the day inside our home, hij tested many pants and disapproved nearly as many. Eventually my mother Rietje decided to pull her sewing machine of the storage and to start the search for the best fitting model for Moby.

And thus studpants 'Made by Rietje' were born. Pants without plastic belt buckles (that Moby bites in two within a few seconds) and in which he can poop withhout any problems. Katerbroekjes in beeld

The pants come in two variants: the classic model, that is based on the model of hygiene pants for bitches in heat and the string model that is even more adjustable to the individual cat to fit that way that the anus stays uncovered and pooping is possible without 'accidents'.

We made a seperate page to explain the differences between the two models and how to use them.

The studpants 'Made by Rietje' are available in our webshop (in Dutch only).
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More addresses for design studpants

At the time there is more and more choice in studpants especially designed for cats. Gorgeous studpants are available not only at our webshop but also with other sellers.

Beneath a few links to available studpants. Pay good attention to the sizes as indicated by the seller for they differ from shop to shop. In other words, a size Medium can differ in size from a Medium at the another seller.

van de Moeshoek meebestelservice

katerbroekje Made by Rietje

Studpants especially designed to poop without 'accidents'.
Several models, fabric, colors and sizes available. The pants close by means of velcro.
These pants cost € 12,55 to 13,00 (ex shippingcosts)*.

*price January 2018


katerbroekje PoesPas

The studpants of PoesPas are available in different fabric and sizes and there are always several in stock. Elastic is processed in the waist, so it can stretch to fit. The pants close by means of plastic belt buckles.
These pants cost € 13,95 (ex shippingcosts)*.

*price January 2018

Neocat Britten Katerbroekjes (made by Fenny Rensen)

Katerbroekje Neocat Britten

The Neocat Britten showstand has also been selling the so-called studpants for some time now. An ideal solution if you have problems with a stud that sprays in the house and that you do not want to be castrated.
The pants close by means of velcro and plastic rings.


Price: not available.

De katerbroekjes fabriek (made by Gerry)

de Katerbroekjes Fabriek

With studpants it is possible for your cat to be part of the day in your home.
There are special pants for longhair breeds such as Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest Cats and Maine Coon. The pants close by means of velcro and plastic rings.

The pants are made by demand, the reservation can be made by phone or by mail. It is possible to use PayPal as a paying method.

Price: not available.

Dierenbenodigdheden "De Blauwe Stad"

katerbroekje PoesPas

The studpants of De Blauwe stad are available in different fabrics and sizes. The pants close by means of plastic belt buckles. The pants can be worn on both sides.
These pants cost € 15,95 (ex shippingcosts)*.

*price January 2018



Studpants in which the male can still poop on the litter box, and the urine is collected in a sanitary napkin. The pants are made on demand after you have passed the measurements. The colors can not be completely specified as desired, but the choice of the fabric colors is taken into account if you pass on the color and breed of the cat
Price from € 20,- (ex shippingcosts)*

*price January 2018

laatste update: 27.04.2018